Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raven's World-223

Today we hear from the Dinosaurs!!!:

"Yes, that is right.  We are also energy of the light.  We are here to tell you there is nothing to fear.  Energy never dies.  Light is eternal.  We are all part of the same whole of Creation.  We represent an aspect.  You represent an aspect of that Creation.  Have faith in the light and in your connection to it.  The light holds through everything.  Your Earth is also an aspect of Creation.  We know there have been others who have predicted the end of the Earth.  Even if this were to come to pass, you would not die.  Light remains.  But we think it would be so much more productive for you to focus on picturing a perfect New Earth.  A world filled with light.  Hold this vision instead of any other.  We are here to help you through.  It is a powerful opportunity for Co-Creation!"

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