Monday, October 7, 2013

The Secret of Well Being

The Secret of Well Being channeled from the All by Laura Rose

“Everything you need for your own well being is already within you. Please hear these words and feel the truth in them. Everything else is just a side show. The less attention you pay to what your neighbor is doing; the less attention you pay to what your coworker is doing; and the less attention you pay to what your government is doing, the better you can make your own life experience. They will try to distract you. But that distraction is just an illusion designed to deceive you into believing your well being is dependent upon something or someone outside of yourself. All of the resources you will ever need are already within you. The secret is remembering how to tap into the well spring within you. Aligning your energy to the ever flowing abundant stream that is life, life force, will bring to you everything flowing forth from your heart’s desire. It does not come from anyone or anything else. Ever. Everything in your life is there because you created it. Everything. So we implore you to become a more active participant in this creation. Align your thoughts, beliefs and energy toward this flow. Toward what you want to bring to yourself. Source is truly the “Source” of all that you need. And you are Source in body. Force yourself to pay less attention to the distractions and then ease yourself into alignment with the Source of All within you. Do whatever it takes.”

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