Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Raven's World-206

Today we hear from the Koala Bears!!!!:
"There is an increase in your sensitivity right now at the same time everything is being intensified.  Quite a combination.  And so many of you are feeling very vulnerable if you are allowing yourself to feel anything at all.  We are here to help with all of your 'sensitive issues'!!!  We can help pave the way through these new and changing energetic times.

Your focus is key.  Everything you are focusing on right now is gaining momentum at unprecedented speeds whether you are focused on the violence on tv or the love in your child's eyes.  Whatever draws and keeps your attention for a period of time multiplies for you in every way.  If it is at all possible we are asking you to be aware and to choose your focus wisely.  You do have a choice.  You do have this power.  You are not a victim in all of this.

We want also to speak about other people at this time.  Many are really wolves in sheep's clothing.  Some intentionally and some not.  But wolves none the less.  They are all around in your vicinity.  Your increased sensitivity is your gift in all of this.  No, really it is.  We promise.  Because as your sensitivity increases so does your intuition, if you allow it.  It is a wonderful time to play with your intuition, sharpen it, use it, listen to it.  It will illuminate the falsehoods around you so you are no longer drawn in by the cute cuddly teddy bear only to feel its claws.  And then you will no longer be vulnerable.  You will be a powerful sensitive light being!!!

Many are struggling right now.  You were never meant to take on their pain.  That would serve no one.  It is imperative to search for peace within yourself now and at all times.  Keep returning to that peaceful place within until you can maintain peace no matter what is occurring around you.  No matter what."

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