Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Raven's World-205

Today we have a combination reading!!!  A little bit from the Angels and the Animals, too!

"'Trouble's coming.'  It is what you all believe.  'It's just around the corner.  Watch out.  You can never be too comfortable.'  We want you to examine the phrases you have adopted over the years from other misguided humans.  These words would never have originated from Spirit.  They would have never come from your inner Divine/God voice/knowing. 

Not only have these fear based phrases become part of your vocabulary but they are now an integral part of your every day belief system.  And what you believe you create.  It really is that simple.  The time is upon you to cleanse yourself in every way in order to move forward with the new creative and magickal energies.  We want you to replace these outmoded thought patterns and beliefs with new ones; true ones:  'I am deserving.  I am love.  All is well.  I am safe, happy and secure now and in every moment...'"

I am being asked by our animals friends and companions to reiterate some important information about the animals.  I am hearing from them that many of our animal companions are choosing to make their transitions.  I'm hearing that they may be "early" transitions.  In other words, well before they reach "old age" for that particular animal and well before you may think that you are ready for them to pass.  They want you to know that it is all divinely orchestrated for your highest good.  They are here to help you heal, mend, grow, learn, enjoy...  When they are no longer needed for the purpose they initially came to you for they will be called home.  They are asking you to honor this.  They do not wish to have invasive, expensive medical procedures.  They are not afraid to die.  They welcome the opportunity to move back into pure, positive Source energy.  They are not afraid to shed their physical bodies.  They know that they will still be with you in Spirit.  They have never forgotten their connection to Source and to the patterns of all things.

They know it's hard for you to let them go.  And sometimes they will hold on just for you because of that.  They want you to know that when the journey with them is ending it is because another journey is all set to begin!!

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