Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Angel Message~~Love

Raven is stepping aside today to allow a message from the Angels:

"What if there was a way to change your awareness throughout your day?  Your thoughts are powerful creators.  Many of you are in a regular habit of thinking negative thoughts or worrying about all that you would not really want to create.  But your attention to these very thoughts perpetrates their creation.  And so you are caught in a never ending circle and you often wonder why that aspect of life is not getting better.  We suggest gentle reminders for yourself throughout your day.  Whatever would capture your attention.  It may be a chime alarm set on your cell phone,  it may be a crystal in your pocket or your wallet that you discover during your day, a certain ring you wear and glance at throughout the day...  Be sure to pick a reminder that will not add to the stress of your day!  When you see a triple number on a clock or a license plate (111, 444, ...) know that it is us bringing this reminder to you. 

In that moment of awareness from the reminder choose a different thought.  This will change your thought patterns.  And if you add a positive emotion, too, it will kick it all up a notch!  Breathe in love from us.  Know that you are loved.  Know that you are love.  Feel lovable and deserving of love.  Breathe love in and breathe love out until all there is flowing through you is love.  And for that moment you will have changed your thoughts.  You will have opened the door to new possibilities.  Your energy will begin creating more love for you and everything amazing that flows from love.  Do not chastise yourself if you fall back into negativity.  Just gently shift yourself back to love.  Continue to give yourself these reminders throughout each day until love is your new habit!!!"

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