Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Raven's World-192

Hi everyone!! Happy New Year!!!  Here's our first Raven's World post for 2013!!!
Today we hear from our friends the Armadillos and the Porcupines together:

"When you are filled with the flow of divine light there is no need for protection of unwanted energies for none can penetrate pure light.  But many of you are not able to maintain this frequency for very long.  This is what we see.  And so we beg you to call upon us.  We are your partners, you see.  We can blend with your energy to help you when it appears you need it most.  There is no need for stress or worry.  We do not want you to feel fear.  Make this a game.  It's fun and easy like a game of tag.  Just say to us (we need your permission), "Tag, you're it!!!"  And it will be so.  We will be with you.

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