Monday, January 21, 2013

Angel Message~~Relationships: "Rise above it"

I received a channeled message from the Angels today to share with all of you:

"Each of you comes to the relationship table filled with ego and wounded-ness.  And when you meet each other from that lower vibratory place it is like having a frying pan of bacon between you on the relationship table...the hot grease is bound to splatter each of you.  We want to remind each of you that you are more than just the lower aspects of yourself.  We are challenging all of you now to incorporate the highest aspects of yourself (your Spirit light) into your every day life.  We know it is different from how you have always been.  But we promise you it will be so much better!  Then you come to the table already filled with love.  And it is love that is shared at the table (in the relationship).  Sure there will still be lessons to learn.  But oh what fun you will have!  And because you are already full you will no longer fear getting burnt.  And because you have been where the other person is (...maybe different circumstances...different experiences...), in the same ego and wounded-ness, you can now begin to find forgiveness and understanding.

Every single person is spinning on the merry-go-round of their own life.  Sometimes you join together and spin together for a while.  Other times you get off their ride to spin once again on your own.  This is the nature of human relationships.  It is helpful if you do not judge another's ride (life).  It is also helpful if you do not believe it is your job to "fix" another's ride (life), for that is coming from the ego.  And the truth is, for better or for worse, you each came into this lifetime to do your own spinning!!!  That was the whole point!"

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