Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goddess/Master channel

I recently channeled a powerful message from two Goddesses/Ascended Masters, Rhiannon and Morgana.  I was guided to share their words with all of you:

"You have a garden of colors and light within your Soul.  It is the code of creation.  All women have this and it is being activated within you.  Within your energy.  Within your DNA.  Women are the Creators and men are the protectors of Creation.  The human race has forgotten.  And we are coming forth now in droves to remind you.  We need your help to give us a voice your people will hear and honor."

We can discuss these words more on our show, Discovering Nature's Spirit, this coming Monday evening (7-8 pm est ~ free archives also available).  Also look for an additional channeled message before Monday's show!

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