Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raven's World-175

Today as I tune in to see who wants to share a message from the Animal Kingdom, I hear from the Bears!:

"Many have already written that the medicine we share is hibernation, but we wish for more to be known.  We have quite a sense of humor!  We can help you to not take life or yourselves so seriously.  You try to contain and mark us but we foil these plans of yours.  We will continue to roam free on the lands of our ancestors as we wish for you to do the same. (and all creatures)  We easily traverse the veils between the worlds.  The known and the unknown.  And we can help you to do the same.  We can help you with astral travel, with dreaming yourself awake and with navigating your dreamtime mysteries, keeping you safe as your explore these other realms.  We can help you read energy, assessing and reading energy fields.  We are excellent in the art of shifting energy and shapeshifting...our channel has seen us come to her in many forms.  Talk with us!  You will see we are one energy of creation."

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