Monday, August 6, 2012

Angel Messages

Two messages have come from the Angels:

"In each moment you can choose fear or Grace.  Grace is knowing that God (or whatever that is for you) is always with you.  Grace is knowing that God's light is within you and you are meant to shine that light forth.  With that knowing comes ease.  You can relax into wellness.  You are fully taken care of and protected in that light when you acknowledge and accept it as your birthright.  Realize you can always make the choice to shine fully in the state of Grace.  It matters not what is happening around you because the state of Grace lies within.  The more you allow Grace the more you know for sure with all of your heart, mind and soul that there is never anything to fear."

"Time tells an amazing tale of how it used to be.  Instead create and focus on this moment.  That is all that matters.  That is all that you have.  If the past feeds this moment, charges it with light, then by all means let it shine forth.  If the past is causing you to lose focus on the light of the moment, you must find a way to forget."

We will talk more about these Angel messages and also offer readings for callers on tonight's show!!  "Discovering Nature's Spirit" radio show, 7-8 pm est.  (free archives always available if you miss the live show)

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