Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raven's World-156

Today is Raven's birthday!!! We actually have a real one this year for her since it's a leap year!!!

Lately I've been hearing from the Animals that they would like me to bring forward their voice for you even more. So I'm offering Animal Totem readings. You can find out which Animal(s) guide you and what they have to share either at The Purple Rose or through our website.

So I thought I'd see if there were specific Animal friends who would like a voice here, too!! And today I received a message for all of us from "our friends from the Ocean":

"We bring manna--breath--life force energy for you. Nature creates and maintains perfect harmony of all things, a symphony of balance. These are old ways now being remembered. We hold these answers in our tides. We strongly urge you all to connect with the message we bring. You can hear us in the silence as you create your own natural rhythm. Think of it as a new adventure even as you remember the old wise ways. It is a primordial language deeply ingrained within the culture of who you ARE. Start with rhythm. Allow your natural rhythms to emerge. Then come out and play with us! We are here for you always throughout time."

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