Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Raven's World-154

Here's what Raven would like to share today on behalf of the Animal Kingdom. Raven began her discussion of food last week (see Raven's World-153). We will hear more from the animals on this coming Monday night's radio show (Discovering Nature's Spirit):

"Your food choices are critical as we move forward. Unadulterated (non GMO), pure food as found in its natural state. No artificial anything. No added fillers at all. Your bodies are being amped up and you will see more disease if you continue to eat the way you have become accustomed. You will see no disease if you make these changes.

We (your animal friends and companions) hold as much of your diseases as we can so you do not have to. That is a point of us with you (one of the reasons they are with us). As you make changes we can also change with you. Be our natural healed selves again. Look into what is in the commercial food you feed us. Or worse if you give to us what you are taking in. Think about us as wild beasts. What would we eat in nature? And that is what we wish you would feed us. Unadulterated properly prepared raw delicacies please. You will see us glow. We do not need disease to pass. We have no fear and will let go when it is our time. We are already there, you see, and can just let go."

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