Monday, November 28, 2011

Angel lessons

I know I missed last Wed's Raven's World. It wasn't her fault it was mine. Between work and holiday prep I spaced right by it...definitely have it back for you this Wed.!
The other morning I took a bit of a spill. It was a frosty morning and my front outdoor steps appeared dry...but alas it was not the case. And so down I went. It was in fact quite an ugly fall with a chest plant as the grand finale. I was surprisingly unharmed and grateful that I somehow kept my face from hitting the paver/cement block-like step that I landed on. But of course it was not really me who kept my face up, it was those pesky, beautiful Angels who took the opportunity to remind me to keep my "chin up"...ha ha...they think they are funny! And just in case you think that every experience is not an opportunity to learn something they continued to inform me that there is in fact NOTHING to fear EVER. "Even when you fall," they said, "We will catch you."

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