Monday, November 14, 2011

11/11/11 aftermath

In preparation of tonight's Discovering Nature's Spirit radio show, I asked the Angels what they wanted me to share with the audience. The following is what they gave me and I thought I'd share it here, too!! The Angels say that 11/11/11 was a gateway to bringing in more light. It is an energy dynamic (and it is still ongoing) that releases the lower vibrational energies such as fear, hatred, greed, etc. It is a wonderful time to come together with others who are like minded in love, light and peace. Meditation and other calming activities can help this transition and also help you access more clear inner guidance than ever before! We can strengthen the light by joining with others because the numbers raise the vibration of the self, the group and the planet exponentially. It is a time when we are moving toward oneness of all. It truly can be more like heaven on Earth. You will find rapid manifestation of your thoughts and the energy you hold within yourself. "You are true creators", the Angels say. Remember it starts from within you. You can do nothing for others, Earth, or planet without transforming your-self first.

One of the questions I had for the Angels was if we are moving toward heaven here, why are so many still in difficulties. The Angels tell me what we had at this time was in effect was an attunement...a realignment...a shift to allow more light and crystalline self experience. In Reiki an attunement is defined as an energetic initiation. And we know that there can be difficult aspects to the process and this is what may be happening for us now even though we know the shift will lead to more ease, peace and love in the long run (and even now at times...more and more). So you may be experiencing detox symptoms. Some physical symptoms may include random pain in the body, cold/flu symptoms, stomach upsets, headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances... You may feel a need to withdraw or "go to ground". We know that nurturing the self during these changes is key...sea salt baths, connecting to nature, connecting with supportive community, receiving healing work, etc. Also, you may be finding events, situations and relationships have the appearance of more problems or you may find more chaos reigning. This is also part of the process. The universe will show you the shadow aspects of you that need to be shifted to light. Awareness is key. The universe is simply (easy for them to say) showing you what is still out of balance or needs healing within you. So, don't get caught up in the whirlwind of the issue...instead pull back, ground, center, and go within. Ask the Angels to fill you with light and perhaps understanding. The Angels can help you 'light it up'!

It was so interesting and timely to me that here in CT we had so many power outages for such a long time during the crazy Oct. storm. We got to examine 'being in the dark'...being without 'power'...perhaps there were ways in our lives we still felt this way. Even though we know in Spiritual truth there is nothing to fear and only love is real! The Angels are also asking me to assure you that you are never alone. Ever! They always stand beside you even in the times that feel the darkest to you. One last Angelic suggestion that concerns that beautiful quality--our free will. We humans have free will so we can choose anything. They suggest choosing more thoughts/actions that align you with Source and self. So, for instance, choosing revenge, or an unhealthy addictive response, or a fear-based decision/reaction will pull you away farther from your inner light and farther away from your connection to Source...(it will also perpetuate the difficulties). Instead ground, center, breathe and pull back before taking the next step! More on tonight's show (7-8 pm...archives, too)!

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