Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update & Raven's World-122

Just wanted to let everyone know Catriona MacGregor had an emergency come up at the time of our show Monday evening. She will be our guest once again on Monday August 8!

Our Raven's World post today features a special guest, Merlin, my cat you see above. Here's the story...I was sitting on our couch this weekend with Merlin finishing up the book "Partnering with Nature" in preparation of Monday evening's show. For a little guy, Merlin can really spread out over space. Raven wanted to join us on the couch but the way we were positioned there was not enough room. And although she is far bigger than Merlin, she never does anything that would result in squishing him. So she stood in front of the couch and wined a bit and I waited to see what would happen. Sure enough Merlin got up and repositioned himself a bit more on top of my lap so that Raven would have enough room to lie down. And that she did. I said to them that Raven should thank Merlin and then I asked if they do that kind of thing. I heard from both of them, "It's just love."

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