Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Astrology

It has been a very busy Spring for me! Not a lot of time to blog, unfortunately... I've found that I have been drawn to 'weed' my 'garden' and not just the one that finally went in outdoors!! Rather taking stock of all that I spend my energy on and letting go of that which does not feed me. When I do this, I find something else comes in that is much more rewarding. I am also more in the present moment these days. I really have the Lightarian work to thank for that! Through their programs I have been able to find gratitude in everything I do and everything that I am. And not just a surface kind of gratitude but rather a soul-rich deep gratitude and the doors that open from that place are absolutely amazing!!
Tonight I am so honored to welcome back onto "Discovering Nature's Spirit" world renown astrologer and channeler, Michael Jernegan!!! (7-8 pm est, archive available, too) He will be updating the energies and the signs for what to expect as we move from Spring into Summer. I'm sure it will be a heck of a ride!!

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