Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guides on Earth

Yesterday on Raven's World she reminded us that animals are our guides here on Earth. And what I am hearing from Spirit is that we are now meant to be Spirit Guides to each other here on Earth, too. Many have spoken about the changes coming. (really they have already started). We are being encouraged to allow in more light into our physical bodies. We are ascending to blend with our Spirit bodies. Or, our higher self is descending to join with our physical self. We will be in a space where we are connected to Spirit more than ever before. We will have regular intuitive insights and be able to channel healing energy easily for ourselves and others. Being more light means viewing the world through the eyes of love. Love that does not have conditions and does not include judgments. In order to embrace this new sense of self, we must let go of the old patterns that no longer serve us. We must release the areas within our physical bodies and our energy bodies that are not 'light'. So, we are shifting away from a victim mentality. We are understanding that our own energy, vibration, thoughts and beliefs create our lives. We have control and responsibility for our own creations (good or bad) and so does everyone else. There is a shift away from a co-dependent interaction in our relationships. Each one of us is connected to Source. Each one of us is Source. So each one of us has our own guidance and power over our own creations and connections. We are not responsible for anyone else's happiness, only our own. We are learning to go with the flow. We know that all will be provided for us if we follow our instincts, let go of the struggle and allow Spirit to guide us. We can allow Spirit or life force energy to flow freely through us which creates health and well being. All of this is within our ability and control. Each one of us. So the question I have been hearing from my students and clients and admittedly from myself as well is how do we interact with others now. Many who have been on this path of change and ascension are already seeing things differently. And then we look around us and see many others who are not. We may have people close to us, friends and family members, who are still in the struggle of it all. Those who's lives are being amplified by the drama or traumas to show them where they need to change. So we ask as lightworkers, "what do we do for them"? Or, "how do we help others now?". And the answer that has clearly come from Spirit is that we are meant to be "Spirit Guides" now. We do NOT get personally involved in other people's pain and life lessons to "fix" it for them. NO, NO, No. That is the old co-dependent way. Instead we think about Spirit Guides. What are Spirit Guides? How do they function? Our Spirit Guides on the other side hold us always in the energy of unconditional love. The gently guide us while always respecting our free will. They see the bigger picture because of their being close to Source and so they know what is in our highest good. And they hold the energy of that for us even as we make choices that lead us away from our authentic path. Spirit Guides cannot interfere in our lives unless we ASK for help. So now my beautiful light filled friends, that is how we must be for others. Here on Earth. No matter who it is. Even if it is your sister, or you mother or your son. Encourage them to find their own way and embrace their own Light. Just as you continue to do them same for yourself.

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