Monday, March 14, 2011

Guidance for you from Spirit

Here is a channeled message I received for all of us from Spirit today:

"Perhaps you want to think about your family in Japan and send healing energy to them and to the Earth. Yes, family. For we are all one. One people. One relation. No matter where in the world we are. This is an aspect of what is being offered or shown to all of you at this time--one. Do what resonates with you. Whatever that is will be right in your gifting. And if you are unable to do anything that is right, too. True healers do not take on the ills or imbalances of the client. If you do you become unbalanced, too. And then you are not a pure channel for healing energy. The same is true here globally. Do not allow yourself to absorb the fear, pain and suffering. Hold yourself in a vibration of peace and love. This will radiate out and help others much more. It is okay to be okay when others are not. You do much more good by shining your light than by dimming it no matter what the circumstances. Stay connected to Spirit for pure guidance and energy. You Empaths do what is best for you. Turn off the coverage. Just because it is there does not mean you have to watch it. You are aware of what happened. Now connect to Source, shine your light and send what you are guided to send. Trust your own guidance system. And when you have given enough come back to peace and love for yourself in your own life now."

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