Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oneness of Spirit

So excited about this weekend. Halloween/Samhain is such a wonderful time of year. So many different traditions whether you enjoy haunted house and candy gathering excursions or a more sacred celebration. As we move forward at this time we can experience a sense of oneness if we are aware and allow it. A oneness with all beings here on Earth and also a oneness with those in Heaven. We are connected and love never dies. Through love we can connect with each other, through love we can change the world. This time of year is said to be a time when the veil between the two worlds of Earth and Heaven is thinnest. So you may catch glimpses of loved ones on the other side. You may see Spirit activity. You may feel the presence of a lost love. You may more easily commune with your Angels and Spirit Guides. But the truth is that moving forward through this year and the next, we will all have the opportunity to experience a thinning veil. Spirit tells me that the veil itself is an illusion. That we are and have always been one.

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  1. Well indeed while reading your words a chill ran through my body. Truth chills I call them. Thank you.