Monday, September 20, 2010

They're not going away!

I have to tell you that they are not going away!! I've had lots of clients lately contact me because their psychic gifts keep pushing at them and they keep trying to push them away. Ignoring them is not going to work. It's in your soul plan that these gifts be honored at this time as we shift into higher consciousness. The best thing for you to do is to be aware of them and embrace them. And learn how they work and how to best use them safely. I teach lots of psychic development stuff at The Purple Rose that can help. Or find a different teacher or circle that you are drawn, too. Be with other people who understand. Read a helpful book on topic. Find a safe place where you can talk about psychic stuff. Learn how to set an intention to work only with light and love and other protective intentions. One client is freaked out because lots of beings from the other side keep popping in and scaring her. Spirit is trying to get your attention. But you can control your gifts with your intention and interact with only the most loving entities. I encourage you to surrender to your spiritual gifts. They are a beautiful part of who your truly are!

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