Thursday, September 2, 2010

Avocado Mayo

If you have a unique diet like me (gluten free, dairy free, soy free, meat free), finding new and exciting things to eat can be fun. So I was thinking back to the days when I could eat an egg salad sandwich and I was wondering how to create that again for myself only a wee bit healthier. I have to tell you I've been on the fence about eggs in general. Recently I've been leaning toward vegan but I still get the feeling that eggs are good for me. So, I've compromised with 'myself' and eat only local organic, free range farm fresh eggs. The woman who provides these eggs uses a special kind of organic feed that allows for colored eggs. Yes, there are even green eggs!! (though I no longer eat the ham!) I've also recently discovered a particular bread made by Udi's which absolutely rocks and made me want to eat bread again! So all that was left to create was a mayo. I can't do that veganaise stuff because it's full of soy. In a raw food book I was paging through there was a recipe for avocado mayo that I tried but didn't like that much so I though I'd create my own. And it's pretty good:
1 Avocado
1 T mustard (I use Annie's Naturals gf)
juice of 1/2 a lime
Cream it all together, combine it with your chopped up hard boiled egg, toast up some udi's and walla, an awesome healthy sandwich. If you want your mayo a bit sweeter you can cream in a date or two, but I like it tart.
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  1. sounds yummy even if not on a special diet. I'll have to give it a try

  2. I may sound like an ignoramus but why gluten free n soy free ?

  3. Earthspirit,
    I'm allergic to gluten and soy so I must eat foods that do not contain them. Dairy, too for that matter...