Friday, February 19, 2010


While you would find it hard to believe now with all the activities I participate in on-line, I was very resistant to the internet at first. I didn't even own a computer until I was opening The Purple Rose and knew it was time to move into the future especially for the business. I was thinking of all of that recently because the other thing that I miss is a good old fashion camera. Remember how we used them and then had film developed. Physical albums of memories were created. Now I use a digital (and even my cell phone, too) and I realized all the pics are inside the camera or inside a computer and my albums are not updated. I, like most people, mostly have pics of my family (including 4 leggeds) and friends. And when I was perusing my albums the other day I noticed Merlin was basically non-existent because he was our latest rescued feline and captured all digitally. So I'll honor him above here and make time to print out actual photos with our photo printer thingy-what's-it. Because I enjoy looking through those old fashioned albums!

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  1. Heck - I remember countless hours in the dark room developing my own film, planning the cropping, exposing them to paper with light for the just the time, bathing them in chemicals to the perfect image point and hanging them to dry.

    Funny thing is ... I *love* the new way of "developing" my photos! :)