Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am honored to host spiritual psychic development circles at The Purple Rose. There is an introductory two part class called Psychic Remembrance. Then the initial circle called Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle meets once a month for six months where we explore various ways to use our gifts and I provide the practice time and setting. For those who are interested in continuing, Spirit helped me to develop an Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle which meets once a month for another six months. In the advanced setting we delve more deeply into the different Spiritual realms and what it is like to channel and work with them. This past week marked the end of the current advanced group. It has been such an honor to watch everyone become more confident in their innate intuitive gifts. I'm grateful that spirit has provided through me the right combination of techniques, encouragement and a safe and compassionate psychic playground for everyone who is drawn. It has been such a delight. I've watched everyone succeed in their own unique way. It's important for those of us who assume the role of "teacher" to remember that each person's gifts are their own. They really don't need me at all. Gifts are innate. Our individual connection to spirit strong when we remember. What I hear most from the participants is that they are grateful to have a place to come. In regular life our gifts can get lost. And talking about them is not always welcomed by those around us. With this graduation, I received the most beautiful words from the students. They told me that I provide a rose garden for them. That they are each a seed who come to the purple rose garden to bloom. I am so blessed.

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