Monday, January 18, 2010

Hang in there

It came to my attention on Saturday during my Lightarian Reiki 4 attunement at The Purple Rose that I was a bit 'clogged' up, energetically. And during the attunement process and later that night while I was sleeping I received a deep healing from my helpers in Spirit. Lately, I have been hearing from many lightworkers (myself included) that we are all, well, tired. Everyone it seems from all walks of life is undergoing 'stuff'. And for quite some time, too. "You mean there's more?" ...more to deal with, more to recognize, more to heal... And lightworkers are no exception. As I turn my attention up, I can see the Angels smiling down to us with love and understanding. I hear them gently remind us that we have all the tools already to make it through our 'stuff'. That there's planetary shifts and vibrational shifts going on at the same time we are walking through our own individual stuff. This can be overwhelming. But it's worth it. {As I try to continue to type, I'm being interupted by my cat, Midnight, with lots of kisses...'see you're not alone', he says...'and you are loved'.} That is what the Angels are reminding us, too. We are not alone. We have Spirit to guide us. Often we get bogged down energetically with the weight of our own lives and the weight of the global situations. The Angels remind us to ask them for help. And ask each other for help, too. Keep using the tools in our tool bag to keep grounded, centered, cleared and connected to Spirit. So Spirit can continue to guide and help us. And healers rememember to get healings!

Speaking of beautiful Midnight...check out Discovering Nature's Spirit tonight as I welcome special guest Lisa from Mary's Kitty Korner, a wonderful cat rescue and adoption center in Granby, Connecticut. (7-8 pm est)

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