Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm feeling so grateful this morning! For all I have, for family, friends and work. Last night we had family over for dinner and then enjoyed a bonfire. I was also invited onto "In Touch with Spirit" radio show last night as a guest! Check it out...the archive is available! Thank you Jess!
I'm in awe of all the excitement from facilitators and from clients for our upcoming Purple Rose Psychic Fair Sat., 9/12 from 10-4. I know it'll be a magickal day! And grateful as well for the opportunity to come to you this evening as host of Discovering Nature's Spirit at 7!

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  1. Oh, thank YOU, Laura ~ What fun it was, too!

    Wonderful show tonight. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday . . . what a treat it's been to "play" with you so much in these past couple of weeks! :-D