Saturday, July 11, 2009

So grateful

Last night I had the pleasure of offering readings at a house party. I'm so grateful that they welcomed me into their home and that they were so open to what Spirit wanted to share. I knew there would be a lot of mediumship especially when a male energy was with me on the drive over clearly telling me his nickname. Many similar questions seem to come from clients in general lately. And I can tell you with as much certainty as I can have in this work that loved ones on the other side forgive. It may not even be accurate to say forgive. Once they return to pure positive light energy, there is only love. So if you're holding onto worries that you didn't do or did do something, or should have done or shouldn't have done something...please let that go. They do not want you to hold onto to that. It warms my heart to hear so many more people recognizing signs that their loved ones are still with them from the other side! Dream visits, bird/animal sightings, feeling their presence, objects moving... They love it when we know it's them stopping by to say hi and share their 'undying' love!
I hope you'll join me tomorrow evening on Discovering Nature's Spirit as we continue our journey into the animal kingdom. (6-7 p.m est) We will explore how to recognize the signs and energies of the different animals. I'd be happy to pull an animal card for you and share which animal is guiding you at this time, or offer a reading for you, too. (call in # is 718-664-6906)

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  1. This is GREAT news! Thank you for posting this information. I would love to listen to your show tomorrow night but I have a client during that time period. Is it going to be downloadable? I would love to know what animal is guiding used to be bear. Wonder if she is still around?