Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's crazy...but not bad!

Okay, I know this sounds way out there...but a friend of mine who's on a raw foods diet gave me this interesting recipe for chocolate mousse. You mix together avocado, raw cacao powder and agave nectar. It sounds wicked crazy...but it's not half bad! Especially for those of us with dairy issues!!


  1. dairy issues or no -- oi, one has to prefer a mini hershey bar!

    i hope the replacement works for ya! i'm havin' choc covered cranberries for dessert.


  2. Just in time for my elimination diet! I'm off dairy, wheat, sucrose, honey, etc. but agave is ok as is avocado! Not sure about that cacao powder but I'll save this for the next phase of the program! Thanks for the heads up! xo

  3. It sounds interesting! Raw is supposed to be the best thing for us.