Friday, March 30, 2018

Channeled Message Spring, 2018 A New World

As I sat down to bring forward a channel for Spring, 2018, I was reflecting upon the words of certain songs. 

An artist is a channel in their own way, some more than others.  Chris Cornell sang about “higher truth”.  I can’t help but wonder what could happen if we spent less time bickering about issues and opinions and more time seeing and seeking a higher truth.  Can we bring together all our individual truths and raise them up to find something higher.  See each other through the eyes of Source.  Listen to our inner knowing.  Shine our shared light.

John Lennon prophesied a world as “one”.  I have heard this message from the Animal Kingdom since I began this work.  That we are all One.

Prince strongly suggested allowing the “purple rain” to fall.  I can’t help but visualize the color spectrum of violet flame energy and light cleansing away fear, anger…, and all the other lower vibrations.  Then, we can move to higher ground.  (Love)

Many of the answers and guidance we seek is already present in the words of our ancestors who were here perhaps just a bit too soon.  But the seeds were planted.  Their otherworldly offerings here for us now.  

The Angels say that it’s not too late to find the threads of higher knowledge already weaving a new tapestry creating our new world.  Instead of a new channel today, they want me to re-share the channel they brought through at the end of last year:

Creating a New World
"Many of you are in resistance right now.  And we understand.  We want you to remember what you resist, persists.  If you stay in your resistant place you will be creating more of that focus, whether you are resisting a person, an ideology or a structure.
We see a powerful time with so many people demanding change.  There is an asking right now like never before.  This is an impetus to a powerful awakening.  It is important to realize that down deep you are all seeking the same thing.  You have different labeling and you are all coming from your own unique perspective and beliefs.
Until you can look out at all the differing viewpoints and see them as one, you will continue to create the exact opposite from what you really want.  Your inner voice holds the truth.  It will show you the way forward and will lead you toward the freedom that you all seek.
Love will find a way but only if you are in love.  In love, you are each steadily flowing the power that creates a new world."

Channeled by Laura Rose from our Angels, Spirit Guides & Ancestors

We are not alone.

The truth will indeed set us free once we realize that each one of us brings in our own essential, unique thread to the tapestry of the New World.



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