Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The frequency of Unconditional Love

Here is a message from the Angels.  They tell me that this is the most important message of all.  This is the basis of EVERYTHING!

"The opportunity is right at hand for an influx, a vibrational download, of unconditional love.  Those of you on this path have been getting ready for many years now as all that is not love has been coming up repeatedly to be cleared and released.  

It is time now to enjoy the high vibration alternative that is unconditional love rather than continuing to cling to that which you have all become accustom. 

We shine this pure unconditional love forth for you at all times.  We encourage you to embrace it within yourself and then shine it out for All.

To be in a place to receive the flow of un-condition-al love you must be without conditions.  Can you love without any conditions?  Can you be in love without any conditions?  Can you just feel love, be love?  Can you feel our love for you?  We hold the stream steady for you.  Can you be fully engaged in love in the simple moments of your time?  A sunset, a creative endeavor...  How about puppy-love? Can you feel that love from your animal companion?  Can you love like your dog?

Can you let go of the old ways and open up to the infinite, unlimited possibilities now at your fingertips?  Can you embrace love fully?  Can you feel the love within you so fully that nothing else matters, nothing else outside of that love.  

It all begins within you, with self love.  We assure you that you are not being "selfish".  You are, in fact, becoming self-full!  So that you have even more love to share.

As above so below.  We hold high-light and pure love consistently and completely,  and so, too, can you!"

Channeled from the Angels by Laura Rose

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