Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 messages today!

Today we have two messages coming forward for us as we move from August to September, from Summer into Fall:

1.  Our first channeled message is a simple yet powerful prayer/intention to bring us comfort, reassurance and connection.  If you say, think, or chant it at the same time you are breathing deeply, it can become an everyday meditation for you.

"I allow Mother Earth to support and nourish me,
  I allow Father Sky to guide and light my way,
  All is truly well."

2.  Our second channeled message is more specific guidance for you.

"A profound time of change and growth is upon you.  You are being forced to view the world with new, clear and improved eyes.  Each one of you is a vessel for change and enlightenment.  It is up to you.  We ask you, 'what are you using to fill yourself up'?  Your vessel can hold and contain unlimited amounts of light.  This is how it is meant for you.  This is why you are here now at this time.  You have come forth with an advanced play book.  You have the knowledge and intuition to access the Truth for all that it is worth.  You must ask yourself, are you filling yourself up with light?  Or, are you in fact empty?  Those are the only two choices.  You cannot give from an empty cup (vessel).  So you must seek shelter from the storm and refill.   Only then can you be the change you wish to see in the world.

Un-kind-ness stems from the mistaken belief that we are not of the same kind.  When the Truth of the matter is that we are all One."

Channeled by Laura Rose from the Angels & the Ascended Masters

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