Friday, October 19, 2012

Angel Message~Election of Light

Casting a vote in the upcoming election in your country is not as important as maintaining the vibration of the highest order of Light.  We are witness to both sides of the political issue casting aspersions against one another.  This maintains the lowest possible vibration for your planet.  Do not fall prey to this lower altitude where you cannot help but bathe yourself in such energies as fear, doubt and blame.  Focus instead on the Light in all things and this Light will prevail.  One way or another, regardless of who is the temporary victor, it is the vibration of peace, love and understanding that you truly wish to grab onto with both hands and do not let go!  No matter what.  Do whatever takes you higher to hold the Light!  Dance, sing, bake, play, meditate, upon us to buoy your faith.  We will hold fast even as you waver.  Hold the Light.  Stay strong and centered as this high vibration becomes the permanent energy of your planet.

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