Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Raven's World-168

Here's what the Animal Kingdom has to share with us today.  There are a few Angels in the mix for this message, too!:

"Everything is energy.  Words are energy.  Each word has its own energetic vibration and words strung together form an energetic pattern.  Energy creates worlds.  So your words are always creating your world for you.  

Each word rides in on a different wave and degree of light.  Words exist on different vibrations within the light spectrum.  Begin to pay attention to your words.  Which ones do you use to express yourself to others? Also pay attention to the ones you use for yourself.  Ask yourself, "where on the spectrum of light do my words fall?"  Are my words healing, helpful, gentle, loving, wise, positive, joyful, uplifting, etc.....then they are "lighter".  If not, practice shifting your words.  The words you use are within your control and your focus.  Shifting the lightness of your words shifts your own vibration and what you are creating in your life!  Ask us to help you!  You are not alone in your creation."      

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