Monday, September 12, 2011

Control and the future

Two new Angel messages today for you!!! (more tonight on "Discovering Nature's Spirit" radio show 7-8 pm est)

"Control is in the reign of the ego. You "fight" for control; "maintain" control of the situation or the emotions. These are resistant energies. We would say instead, "allow". Allow that which you want. Allow light. Allow love. Allow abundance. Allowing joins you with us. And then the spectrum of energies and opportunities that can come through to you is so much more vast than you could ever "control". And then also you will find the BEST can come through, the very best for you!"

"To follow your bliss you must start with a single step. Your wishes and dreams already exist in the ethers. The trick is pulling them "down" into fruition. So what is the magick? It lies with your beliefs. The energies truly must match, both your highest good and your belief system. In order to be a successful __________, you must believe that you already are. In order to receive that which you are asking for every day you need to challenge yourself more to see the ways in which you are already there. There is no future. There is no creation of the future. There is only now. What is the energy of the projection you are holding in this moment?"

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