Monday, April 18, 2011

"Our bodies" from the Angels

The Angels want to talk about our bodies: "Your body is a vessel that holds your Spirit here on Earth. Your body is a blessing. It is an honor. It is a miracle. The miracle that is you! Many of you are disconnected from your bodies. From its needs. Your body is the window to your Soul. Your Higher Self. Higher wisdom. When you disconnect from your bodies you disconnect from all that you are. Some disconnect from prior wounding. Some from stress. Some from the busy-ness of life. Some don't even know that they are disconnected. It has become a pattern of survival. Your body is a fountain of wisdom. It's how we talk to you. You cannot stay in your current pattern and hear all that we have to offer you. You must have appreciation for your bodies. Now--right now. Wherever it is and whatever its appearance. Addictions of any kind feed the disconnect. If you heed our call, you will be drawn to 'bleed' off old woundings, patterns and addictions and start fresh. Our channel gets annoyed with us when we seek to help her cleanse her vessel so she can hear us better for all of you, but it is needed. It is the new way of light. You hold old pain in your energy and in your cell memory. You are not meant to keep this any longer. It is time to be free. It is not meant to take years of processing. All you have to do is ask us or be ready and allow it. We are strongly nudging you. Many of you are feeling us. We are becoming hard to ignore. We see what is ahead for you and the greatness of who you are. Mindful and organic eating is a great place to start. We will take it from there. We are always with you. In the Light." If you'd like to hear more about this message, tune into Discovering Nature's Spirit this evening at 7 pm est (or catch the archive!).


  1. very good, thank Angels and thank you Laura. I would like to share.

  2. thank you. awesome and completely accurate. in timing that IS perfect, we will listen and allow all that needs occur for our ascension. being aware and allowing oneself to go with the flow of this process, similar to floating downstream on a raft easily will soften each one's journey. listen and you will be guided.

  3. Raquel, please do!!! :)
    h&h..thank you for adding those beautiful words!